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Peak Performance Basketball is a division of Peak Performance Sports & Development Foundation, Inc., a Georgia 501 (c) 3 non-profit public foundation. The Mission of Peak Performance is “Developing The Next Generation Of Empowered Women.”  Peak Performance combines athletic, academic and life skills development to help girls recognize and reach their potential, resulting in life goals achievement and being positive contributors to their communities. Peak Performance prepares girls for the next level by following four basic core values, TEACH, MOTIVATE, INSPIRE & LEAD. Peak Performance is in relentless pursuit of becoming the most recognized female youth development program in the Southeastern United States.



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Bruce Price serves as Executive Director of Peak Performance Sports & Development Foundation Inc., a Georgia based 501 (c) 3 public foundation, which he founded. Peak Performance has a mission of “Developing the Next Generation of Empowered Women.” Peak Performance was organized to develop, expand and promote knowledge and physical fitness for the purpose of human health, wellness and athletic performance of young girls. Peak Performance uses Sports to make girls better people. 


Bruce is known as a confident professional business communicator with sharp analytical problem solving and presentation skills. He is a dynamic leader who has been very effective in helping clients maximize revenue; reduce operating costs while improving business processes, developing talent and ultimately helping clients succeed. He is very effective in translating strategy into execution and leading organizations through change and exceeding desired outcomes. Bruce possesses a broad-based background which includes sales, sales training, technical support, customer service, contract management, sales coverage, compensation plan development, project management, business process  re-engineering and quality improvement projects.


Bruce Price (Coach Bruce) began training girls’ basketball players in the Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998. Coach Bruce had a passion for developing the fundamental basketball skills of girls in the Atlanta area. Coach Bruce had trained his own daughter, Allison, who played at Chattahoochee High School and eventually signed and played for four years at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tennessee. During the early 2000’s, the interest in girls’ basketball was growing at an all-time rate. Local Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and Youth Basketball of America (YBOA) teams were springing up all over the Atlanta metropolitan area, thus providing a vehicle for young girls to get actively involved in the sport at a very high competitive level. Analyzing the girls’ game, Coach Bruce realized that there seemed to be a major gap between the good players, and the second tier players. This skill gap seemed to be mainly due to the fact that most girls had not played as much organized or “pick-up” basketball as boys, thus their skill levels were not as developed.


Coach Bruce saw the need to fill this skill gap by offering girls an opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of the game through individual and group training sessions. Also, Coach Bruce was working with a couple of girls who wanted to enroll in an Atlanta private school, but after testing realized that they were two grade levels behind in their Academics. With the conversation of “No Kid Left Behind” being batted around the United States, Coach Bruce realized that many kids where not being developed adequately in the academic area to be successful in life “after the ball stops bouncing.”’ Coach Bruce developed and implemented a training strategy that was geared to girls ranging from age 8 to 17 that focused on basketball fundamentals while motivating and inspiring girls to be top students.


In 2005, with the encouragement and support of local parents, Coach Bruce organized his first Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Team, thus Peak Performance Basketball was born. In keeping with Coach Bruce’s vision of preparing young girls to compete to their maximum potential level both on the court and in the classroom, the team was named “ELITE.” In its’ first season of competitive play, Peak Performance Basketball started with twenty-four  (24) 7th Grade girls from around the metro-Atlanta area, who were divided into a Gold and Blue Team.
The primary goal of Peak Performance Basketball was and continues to be, to prepare young female student-athlete to maximize their opportunities at every level of basketball competition and in life. It is our mission to help every girl we work with to recognize and reach their potential, athletically, academically and socially.
Peak Performance believes that a focus on mastering the fundamentals of the game makes average players Good, and good players Great! Players with strong fundamentals also contribute to the development of championship caliber teams, while enhancing their love for the game because of their Team and personal growth. Peak Performance also believes that the game of basketball will help players prepare for the game of life. Our teaching philosophy is based on a strong work ethic, positive visualization, a positive mental attitude and positive self-image. These attributes enhance the opportunity to succeed in other aspects of life other than basketball.

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