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New IPhone App: The PEAK Player Productivity System is NOW an App!

It has ARRIVED!!!

AllyOOP is an iPhone Application that uses a similar PLUS/MINUS system to track your player’s basketball stats during the game in real-time.

In a blog post entitled PLAYING TIME – MAXIMIZE YOUR MINUTES, Coach Bruce Price states “It’s not how many minutes you get in a game; it’s what you do in the minutes.”

Every season a coach can count on at least one encounter with a parent to discuss the lack of playing time that their child is receiving.

These playing time conversations, often times can become heated discussions because they tend to occur after a game when emotions are running high with the parent and the coach.

What if there was a way to defuse the Playing Time debates.

Based on Coach’s Player Productivity System, we have developed an iPhone Application that will help you track your youth basketball players Positive and Negative Plays during a game.

From the Bench to Rebounding Queen

Coach Bruce tells this story.

I had a young lady who played Post for me. She was averaging around 2-4 minutes a game. Her dad asked what she can do to get more playing time. I said Rebounding. She has good size for her age so I need her to control the boards. Her dad’s retort was well she only plays 2 minutes a game. I responded that is my point exactly. She only plays two minutes a game because she isn’t producing anything positive for the team.

Rather than her dad and I going round and round I gave him the Player Productivity Sheet (this was before the Allyoop App was developed) and told him to track his daughter’s stats in the next game.

Which he did. Again she played about 2-4 minutes and during that time she had 1 Rebound, 2 Turnovers, 2 Gave Up Score and 1 Lack of Hustle for a Stats Net Value of -4.

Her dad was like, I wouldn’t have believed the lack of production if I hadn’t keep track of her basketball stats. I told him, now we’re literally on the same page.

What do we do now asked the dad. Well we concentrate on making one small improvement at a time I said. Let’s have her concentrate on Rebounding every time she goes in the game.

That night the dad had a talk with his daughter and showed her the basketball stats sheet and told her about the focus on rebounding. She understood and agreed to the game plan.

In practice that week she was a new player. She was aggressive on the offensive and defensive glass.

In the next set of tournament games, she played her normal 2-4 minutes but her stats were a break-even 0. In other words, she had as many positive plays as negative plays. A vast improvement over multiple games in the negatives. As they say she was trending in the right direction.

Next game she had more Positive plays than negative ones so her Stats Net Value was +2. She was making progress in the right direction so her confidence increased and so did her playing time for she was helping the team by concentrating on a small improvement in her game.


Download Today!

The AllyOOP Basketball Stats App is available in iTunes

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